Camera Blur - Hand Holdable Shutter Setting Calculator
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Camera Hand Held Holdable Shutter Setting Calculator

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This calculator to determines the slowest shutter speed to prevent camera shake or blurry pictures for hand held photography. The general rule of thumb to prevent camera shake is set the shutter speed to one over the focal length of the lens for 35mm film. For example, a 50mm lens would require a shutter setting of 1/50 or faster. For crop bodies the shutter speed is one over the equivalent focal length. The equivalent focal length is the focal length time the crop factor. Taking the same 50mm lens on a 1.6 crop body would yield a setting of 1/(50 x 1.6) or 1/80.

This calculator also take into anti-shake technology. Canon technology goes by Image Stabilization (IS) and Nikon goes by Vibration Reduction (VR). The calculator provides tables and bar charts for 0 to 4 stops of stabilization. Note, image stabilization and vibration reduction do not prevent subject motion blur.

Remember, this calculator give a rough estimate of the minimum shutter speed. Some people will have steadier hands than others. Some people are simply more prone to shaking the camera.

Note, if you manually enter the lens focal length or crop factor, the ENTER, CALCULATE or RETURN keyboard button needs to be pressed. This will cause the calculations to be updated.

Input Parameter
Lens focal length
The focal length of your lens in millimeters. Note, do not multiply the focal length by the camera body's crop factor. This calculator automatically adjusts and calibrates the lens.
Crop factor The crop factor is used to update the lens for length to the equivalent focal length. The crop factor is a ratio based on 35mm film and image sensor size.